Tuesday, 1 November 2011

First Harvest

Hello readers,
Reflecting on our first harvest in our first season as [attempting] new farmers, Troy and I decided it's time we joined the world of blogging. Alas, the work seems never-ending with many ongoing projects here on the farm... But with the gardens harvested, the chickens on ice, and the honey extracted from the hives. there are more opportunities to reflect on our first season here in Cartwright starting up Fresh Roots Farm. We feel incredibly enriched from our experience and look forward to writing about things happening in our world more often.

Check out an article we wrote for the Harvest Moon Local Food Initiative, which we are members of. It sheds a bit of light on our first year's adventures: http://www.harvestmoonsociety.org/posts/2011/autumn-musings-from-first-year-farmers/

Cheers to the end of one season and the beginning of another,

Michelle Schram & Troy Stozek, Fresh Roots Farm

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  1. Shane

    Hey this is great. Puts my website to shame. lol good job!!