Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Spring Madness! (The Good Kind)

By Michelle
I meant to post this about 2 weeks ago...now it's outdated but I still wanted to share these photos. More to come soon, including a 'Recipes' section of our website for ideas cooking with local food!

So here we are, a long time since we've made a blog update...it's been hard to find take a break to share with you all everything we've been up to. In a nutshell (and this is hard for me): calving proceeded and ended (at 110%, not shabby); bedding plants grown and sold for the first time; 400 broiler chicks being raised; laying hens; CSA shares promoted and sold; market garden prepared & planted; 15 beehives purchased...etc. So basically that's what we've been doing for all of April and May. It's a lot of fun to be right back into the swing of things...but also crazy. A satisfying rush of insanity. I'm sure the short-term effects of such a feeling are fantastic.

Weather-wise, we've been having it all lately...'late' frosts, hot and dry, and now as I type - wet, chilly and miserable. We're very thankful for the recent rains (and missing the hail/tornado front) but looking forward to sunny days out in the garden/yard again!

Here's a short update on what's new - and check out our photos below:

  • We are still selling bedding plants for those that can come visit the Greenhouse - 50% off all flowers and herbs! Come soon as we'll be shutting things down in the next week or so.
  • For CSA customers: Yes, we will be making our first delivery this Thursday, June 14th! We'll be contacting you to remind you and if we need more info for drop-offs. This week's package will not be very large, but we will be making up for any lacking later on when the harvests are plentiful!
  • Chicken pre-orders have not officially gone out - we will be giving family and CSA customers first opportunity to get orders in...then keep a close eye out on our website here for a pre-order sheet for any extras! See more info on our pasture-raised meat chickens here.
  • We have laying hens now, and they are some fine looking assorted heritage birds! However, they won't be laying age until later summer-fall...we'll be sure to let you know when farm fresh eggs are ready...
  • We are still currently out of stock for honey, but as I said above, we've increased our hives substantially this year so look for lots of the good sweet stuff, starting late July-early August. 
  • We have decided not to raise pastured pigs this year - there is just too much going on already with our current enterprises. So no upcoming pork...
Please contact us if you have any questions about our products or wish to come out and take a tour of the farm! 
Email: freshrootsfarm.mb@gmail.com
Phone: (204) 529-2083
    Outside view of the greenhouse, including some of Troy's new landscaping work...
    The inside of our greenhouse
    Just some of the greenery that's been growing at Fresh Roots Greenhouse...

A view of chicken batch #1 enjoying the great outdoors

Chickies stayin' warm in the new brooder house

Check out our newly renovated chicken coop! Doesn't look like much, but it keeps the young ones warm & dry...
Fifteen new beehives! Things are already buzzin, honey's being made...

Mom and calf doin' the right thing

Some more of our new calves

Garlic coming up! It's grown at least twice the size since this photo was taken

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